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Nuna Baby Essentials (known simply as Nuna) is a luxury stroller brand that is sold in specialty stores and chains like Nordstrom and Pottery Barn Kids. Launched in 2008, the company describes its products as "Dutch-designed family of smart, luxury baby gear."

Even though Nuna touts its Dutch roots (it maintains a design office in Leiderdorp, Netherlands) and even used a ".edu" domain for its web site for several years, the company is actually based in Morgantown, PA and imports all its strollers from China.

Nuna is part of Iron Mountains, a product development firm in Morgantown PA that was started by several ex-Graco alumni in 2002. Nuna and Iron Mountain's CEO, Nate Saint, designed the Graco Pack N Play. Nate's father, Dave Saint, designed the Graco's first product—a wind-up automatic baby swing that debuted in 1955.

Nuna divides its strollers into three categories: newborn, compact/lightweight, full-feature (modular) strollers.

Flagship model: MIXX

Nuna mixxnext
Nuna MIXX Next

The MIXX Next (28.3 lbs.) is full-feature stroller that includes car seat adapters for the PIPA, Maxi Cosi and Cybex infant seats, reversible seat, full recline, large canopy and an easy flat fold. The stroller weight at 28.3 lbs. is calculated (without insert or bumper bar).

In 2019, Nuna added a “dream drape” to the MIXX’s canopy (which is now ventilated) plus a removable seat pad and larger basket. The handlebar now has a brown leatherette accent.

The MIXX Next is also sold as a travel system, paired with Nuna's Pipa infant car seat.

Other Newborn strollers: TAVO and IVVI

In addition to the MIXX, Nuna also sells two more models that can be used for newborns: the TAVO and IVVI.

Nuna TAVO next
Nuna TAVO next

The TAVO Next (24.9 lbs.) is a single stroller that can snap in Nuna’s PIPA car seat (without any adapters) for a travel system solution. It is smaller than the MIXX (about an inch narrower and an inch lower in height). Its rear wheels are 10" in size versus 11" for the MIXX.

The TAVO has a one hand fold, auto lock, full recline, adjustable foot rest that makes into a bassinet, adjustable handle, foam wheels, big basket and large, “cocoon” canopy. In 2018, Nuna added faux leather accents for the handlebar and bumper bar to the TAVO.

The TAVO comes in two versions—the TAVO Next and a stripped down version (called just the TAVO) sold as an exclusive at Dillards. The TAVO Next includes all-wheel suspension and upgrades like a one-hand four position fully reclining seat, as well as an all-weather seat that removes to reveal a mesh seat for summer. The basic TAVO omits those features.


The IVVI Totl (29.8 lbs). is a larger stroller that unlike the TAVO features a removable seat that can reverse directions (so baby can face out or toward the parent). The IVVI also has a higher weight capacity (60 lbs. vs 50 lbs. for the TAVO). The IVVI also has foam-filled tires, winter seat insert and removable seat back. It folds in two-pieces (versus the one-piece for the TAVO). The IVVI requires two hands to fold.

A carrycot is also available as an accessory for the IVVI.

Compact/Lightweight Strollers

Nuns has two strollers it classifies as compact and lightweight—the TRIV and TRVL.

The TRIV (19.4 lbs) is billed as a compact yet full featured stroller. FYI: Nuna quotes the weight without the canopy and bumper bar.

The TRIV has an included attachment accessory so you can add any of Nuna’s infant car seats to make a travel system.

Other features include a reversible seat with three recline positions; napper bar; water repellent, extendable canopy with eyeshade and window; wool insert; rain cover; adjustable leg rest; rubber tires and height adjustable handle. The Triv has a one-hand compact fold but requires the removal of the seat or car seat. The adapter can stay on the frame when folded

Nuna TRIV Next
Nuna TRIV Next

The TRVL (13.6 lbs) is a similar ultracompact stroller with one big difference versus the TRIV: weight.

The TRVL weighs about six pounds less than the TRIV, despite folding to roughly the same dimensions (the TRVL is 24 x 20.25 x 11 versus the TRIV at 25.3 x 21x 17.5).

While both strollers have all-wheel suspension and one-hand fold, TRVL lacks the Merino wool removable seat insert (it is just "woven" fabric) and does not have the TRIV's heigh adjustable handle bar.

Both strollers have accessories that include a wheeled travel bag and adapters to hold Nuna's PIPA car seat. The TRIV has a bassinet accessory that isn't available for the TRVL. See the comparison chart below for more details.

Full-Feature Stroller (Single to Double, Modular Stroller)

Nuna DEMI Grow
Nuna DEMI Grow

The DEMI Grow (27.4 lbs.) is Nuna's entry into the single-to-double modular stroller category dominated by UPPAbaby's Vista. It debuted in 2018.

Like most modular strollers the DEMI Grow can convert from single to double (older/younger child) or twin (infant car seats). Here's a look at the different configurations:

Configurations for the Nuna DEMI Grow (some require additional accessories)
Configurations for the Nuna DEMI Grow (some require additional accessories).

Accessories for the DEMI Grow include the sibling (second) seat, bassinet, bassinet stand, cup holder and a wheeled travel bag.

The DEMI Grow includes adapters for the Nuna Pipa infant car seat. The second sibling seat can be added without any additional adapters. The DEMI grow includes a rain cover.

The stroller folds with the upper seat attached using a two-handed trigger to a standing fold. When folded, the DEMI Grow is 23.5 x 24 x 35". The canopy comes with a zip out Dream Drape like the PIPA car seat as well as a height adjustable handle. Each toddler seat will hold up to 50 lbs.

Compared to the MIXX, the DEMI Grow is more expensive, somewhat heavier (by 3 pounds) and is about 7" longer when folded, requiring more trunk space. The seat on the DEMI Grow does not lie flat when reclined. There is no child snack tray for the DEMI Grow.

Comparison Chart

Nuna Stroller Comparison Chart
Nuna Stroller Comparison Chart

Website Hack 2020-2021

In 2021, Nuna's website was hacked and customer data (including credit card information) was stolen. In a letter sent to customers who purchased items on Nuna's web site, the company explained the hack: "On December 22, 2021, Nuna discovered that malicious code was on its website from March 26, 2020 until the website underwent a previously planned revamp on April 7, 2021. Upon learning of the incident, Nuna immediately investigated. This investigation determined that the payment card information you submitted to Nuna’s website — including payment card number, expiration date, CCV/CVV code, and billing and shipping address — may have been compromised as a result of this incident." [1]

Approximately 21,779 consumers had their information potentially compromised.

Safety Recalls

As of this writing, there have been no recalls in Nuna strollers.

Do Nuna Strollers Go on Sale?

Nuna strollers go on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (typically in July or August). Nordstrom is one of the few chains that sell the brand.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday also see occasional deals on Nuna strollers.

During these sales, not all Nuna strollers go on sale—it is typically limited to a one or two models. Sometimes discontinued strollers (models or certain colors) will go on sale during these events.

StrollerWiki is reader-supported. Things you buy through our links may earn us an affiliate commission. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and its related sites. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc. Data Breach Prompts Investigation into Class Action Lawsuit