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UPPAbaby was launched in 2006 by Bostonians Bob and Lauren Monahan. When their first child was born, the Monahans where unhappy with stroller offerings and thought about creating an European-style modular stroller at an "entry-level luxury price."[1][2]

Bob worked as an engineer in product development at baby companies First Years and Safety 1st/Quinny (Dorel) before striking out on his own; Lauren played ice hokey at Yale and then worked for the NHL and then at Reebok International as a licensing manager.

According to a NPR podcast on the company, Bob noticed that dads were becoming more involved in stroller selection—and arguing about which luxury brand was better.[3] "Guys get into the modularity, the aircraft aluminum tubing. I knew there an unmet need," Manhan told NPR. "We owe a lot of credit to Bugaboo in pioneering the market, but in my opinion it wasn't the most user-friendly stroller."

The name UPPAbaby comes from the Monahan's daughter, Makena, would say “uppa, uppa” when she wanted to be picked up. [4]

UPPAbaby's main innovation is a single-to-double stroller (the Vista)—that is a stroller that can be converted from holding a single child to two children in various configurations.

The company divides its strollers into two lines: full-size (including their flagship model, the Vista) and lightweight.

Flagship model: Vista

UPPAbaby flagship model is the multi-function Vista (see on Amazon).

Made with an aircraft alloy frame, the Vista stroller system includes a bassinet and stroller seat, telescoping handle and simple one-step fold. The Vista uses rubber-like foam wheels that give a smooth ride, but don’t go flat. Unlike Bugaboo's flagship model, you can fold the Vista with the seat attached.

The Vista can hold two seats—two UPPAbaby Mesa infant seats, two toddler seats, two bassinets, etc. With eight configurations, this is similar to the Baby Jogger Select.

UPPAbaby made minor changes to the Vista during the 2010's—for example, in 2018, the Vista added real leather handlebars and a new front wheel design for easier maneuverability. The bassinet was also enlarged, two inches longer than the previous model.

The Vista comes with a toddler seat and bassinet, but there is a wide range of accessories like the rumble seat (for a 2nd child), cup holders and more (see here for a run-down).

Vista V2

In 2020, UPPAbaby debuted a new version of the Vista, dubbed the Vista 2.

"The UPPAbaby VISTA V2 offers new colors, improved maneuverability, a roomier Toddler Seat to accommodate taller kids, a redesigned canopy for added ventilation and sun protection, and a no-rethread harness for hassle-free adjustments," said stroller website Strolleria, [5]

The Vista is part of UPPAbaby's "full-size stroller line," which includes the Cruz and Ridge. UPPAbaby also makes a series of lightweight strollers, the Minu, G-Link, G-Luxe and G-lite. More on these below.

Other Full-Size UPPAbaby Models: Cruz and Ridge

The Cruz (see on Amazon) is a scaled down version of the Vista—it features a reversible seat (but no bassinet), adjustable height handle and leather handlebar. Like the Vista V2, the Cruz got a remake in 2000 which added large wheels and a improved suspension (now on all four wheels, not just two).

The Cruz looks so similar to the Vista, it is easy confuse the two models. Here are the key differences:

• The Vista can add a second child via a car seat or Rumble seat. The Cruz can only add a second child via a rumble board accessory (see on Amazon).

• The Vista includes a bassinet, the Cruz does not (but can be added as an accessory). The Cruz can accommodate an infant, however, with the help of the Infant SnugSeat (again, a separate accessory) or via an infant car seat adapter.

• The Cruz has a somewhat lower weight (about a pound and half) because it has smaller wheels than Vista. The Cruz is also narrower than the Vista by about 3".

The Ridge (see current price on Amazon) joined the UPPAbaby full-size stroller line in 2021 as a three-wheel, all-terrain jogger.

The Ridge features never flat tires, an "advanced response" suspension to smooth out bumps and a hand-brake to slow the stroller going down hills.

Accessories for the Ridge include parent console, snack tray, PiggyBack ride along board, sun/bug shield, rain shield and bumper bar (see a run-down of Ridge accessories here).

Lightweight Models: Minu V2, G-Luxe, G-Lite, G-Link V2

In the 2010's, UPPAbaby introduced a series of lightweight strollers under the G-series moniker (G-Luxe, G-Lite, G-Link) and then an ultracompact model, the Minu in 2018.

The Minu is UPPAbaby's flagship model in this category and features a one-hand, one-step fold to a standing position (with lock) and both a carry strap or carry handle. It folds small enough to fit in an airline overhead compartment. The seat is a partial recline with a 50 lb. capacity and leather handlebar.

The stroller accepts a car seat (the UPPAbaby Mesa), has pedicure-friendly brakes and four wheel suspension for a smooth ride. The weight is 16.9 lbs..

Accessories for the Minu include a bassinet, Piggyback ride along board, snack tray, travel bag and adapters for the bassinet and Mesa infant carseat. (see a run-down of Minu accessories.)

In 2022, UPPAbaby released the Minu V2, which added a leather bumper bar and the ability to add the Piggyback ride along board accessory for a second child.

The Minu V2 also added a structured bassinet accessory that is approved for overnight sleeping. The same bassinet for the Minu V2 also works with the UPPABabyh Vista V2, Cruz V2 and Ridge models.

The Minu V2 weighs 16.9 lbs. or about 2 pounds more than the original version, thanks to the added bumper bar and redesigned seat with leg support.

The G-series models are umbrella-like strollers.

The G-Lite (11.2 lbs., see current price on Amazon), a lightweight umbrella stroller with a standing fold and mesh seat. The G-lite doesn’t recline, so it is best for babies six months and up. FYI: the G-Lite’s mesh seat doesn’t come with seat pad. In 2018, the G-lite added an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade, cup holder, machine washable removable fabric and partial zipper recline.

There is also an upgraded version of the G-Lite, dubbed the G-Luxe (16.3 lbs. see current price on Amazon). It features a standing fold, bigger wheels, partial (three position) seat recline, removable/washable seat pad and a canopy with fold-down sunshade.

In 2018, the G-Luxe got a similar upgrade which included a larger canopy, one-hand seat recline, cup holder, adjustable footrest and larger basket.

The double version of their G-Luxe stroller is called the G-Link (22.3 lbs. see current price on Amazon). It features a quick fold from a center strap. The G-Link seats have independent reclines, footrests and canopies. This stroller does not have a one-hand fold . . . but it stands when folded. The company has added a cup holder to the G-Link as well.

Comparison Chart Current Models

2022 UPPAbaby Stroller Comparison Chart

Safety Recalls

In 2022, UPPAbaby recalled 14,400 Ridge strollers.[6] According to the CPSC, "the stroller’s rear disc brakes have openings that can cause amputation or laceration if a non-occupant child’s fingertip gets caught in the openings while the stroller is in use." The CPSC said it received one report of a child’s fingertip being amputated. Read more on this recall here.

In 2021, UPPAbaby recalled 86,000 seat adapters included with RumbleSeat.[7] "The adapters can detach, posing a fall hazard to the child in the RumbleSeat," said the CPSC. "The firm has received 135 reports of detachments, including 77 incidents resulting in bumps, scrapes and two reports of broken noses." Read more about this recall here.

In 2015, UPPAbaby recalled 71,000 Cruz and Vista strollers as well as the 2015 RumbleSeat. "The strollers' and RumbleSeats' bumper bar poses a choking hazard when a child bites the bumper bar and removes a piece of the foam covering." The CPSC reported that UPPAbaby has received 22 reports of children biting off a piece of the bumper bar foam. No injuries have been reported. Read more about this recall here.

Do UPPAbaby strollers go on sale?

UPPAbaby strollers go on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well occasionally during special event sales such as Amazon Prime Day and Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (July).

UPPAbaby has occasionally held factory sales at their Rockland, MA headquarters, with the last one in 2021.[8] The events appear to only advertised locally.

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